Monday, October 26, 2009

Animoto Project

(for school you can ignore)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School today :(

I hate frech. I don hate the language, just the class and the teacher. Today we needed to present skits and we needed to memorize lines. Me, I'm really not good at that. So, I wrote 3 hard lines on my arm. Then we were done, some dumbass tattletale tells the teacher on me. I only lost like 3 points but that really could of helped my grade. Ugh. After school I had a feild hockey game and we won! :D then I went to cheer practice. Our next competion is this Saturday!! Wish me good luck! Oh yeah, go phillies!!!

Itouch 3G

I am usually really bad with technology. Well, except for my phone. So, my iPod nano broke, and I needed a new iPod. I had the money so i got it. It's awesome! I'm on it right now. They have like an app for everything! Just saying, the itouch is really really cool!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My first blog entry! :)


Its me Hannah! For my first entry I am just gonna say some stuff about me.

I'm 13 years old and have two brothers. One younger one older. The younger one is 11 and his name is P.J. The older one Ryan is 18. He's autistic and it really effects my life. I really tall, and I guess you could say in good shape. (5 foot 6 and 120 pounds) I love IM-ing and texting. I love my friends and I have a little weirner dog named Devon. I'll try to post pics later :)